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Reader Collab: A Collection of Outside Poetry & Prose

Last week, you all had the opportunity to send me your poetry and short stories to have them included in a special post. The term is used loosely, but I like to call this a "reader collaboration" post, since it's a small collection of outside works written by some of you.

Below you will find a variety of styles and themes, each one penned by a different author. The works are listed simply in the order that they were received.

If you didn't get a chance to submit your piece, have no fear! I plan on doing similar things in the future.


Waves of Emotion - Anna E.

Happiness shines like the radiant sun
Tears fall with the raining sky
Worry whirls within the wind
Madness fuels the electric strikes.

Written by Zelus, originally posted here.

Poetry is amazing
sometimes it rhymes
with varying phrasing
it can be a haiku. five-seven-five
it can be a limerick, sonnet, ballade
sometimes it's just a sentence
that is split into many lines
it just allows a random
paragraph to look poetic
sometimes a line
can just consist of
I like it when the words form a structure
when it looks like a pyramid
something like this and
the words decreases
and it ends
how cool
and now we increase
longer and more words in a line
now it looks like an stout hourglass
I want to continue writing poems like this
but for this moment let's talk about something else
you don't have to add punctuation if you don't want to
or not capitalise letters if you don't want to
grammar is sometimes chucked out of the window
this is the time to show off your vocabulary skills
like oh petrichor how I relish thee
I scribble poetry to shirk
fingers fly all over the keyboard
poetry oh poetry
how easy to write
but not always interesting to read
for sometimes I admit it
is too melancholy for me at that moment
and sometimes what meets my eye isn't what it means
too much interpretation for my dense and dunce-like mind
oh ho did you notice
at the beginning this poem looked like a girl
now you've scrolled up to squint at the screen
haven't you
this poem is like a very long sentence
with no comma, semicolon or full stop
now let me finish my last line below
and end with a full stop finally
poetry is amazing.

A wave at your feet - lonelydroid911

You are like an eternal beauty,
For many like mine come at your shrine to worship,
I touched your feet gently,
I could feel your body heat, my coldness I surrendered,
They say I am a perfect example of persistence,
But what they don’t know is that, it’s is in a group that I show sustenance,
What I am hundred percent you are seventy,
I am full of salt; you have blood too plenty,
I am just a wave, I will come and go,
You will never see me in my correct self ever,
So, don’t be sad, unchain your sorrow,
For I will fade, you shall not, ever.

A wishful night - Yulia

I saw a shooting star pass tonight
Over my head, quick and bright
I watched it depart,
Your name upon my lips.
Dear brilliant star,
Won't you grant my wish tonight?

Written by Hannah, originally posted here.

His eyes shot open,
Tangled in Fear,
He knew that something was definitely near.

He had heard stories of a man that worked at night,
With a hook for a hand,
There was no fight.

His smile would be twisted,
As he slit your throat,
He would wrap his body in a cloak.

He would nod at the raven,
That passed him by,
He would smirk at a child's innocent cry.

He would not leave this fearful town,
And in his mind,
He had won your crown.

His name is Fear,
He lives inside your head,
And he will not leave you until you are dead.

Short Stories

The following story was written by PoiSonPaiNter on DFPP Entertainment as part of the project "Your Picture - A Story" (co-authored by DarkFairy). You can view the original story here.
The Secret of Milton Road

It was the first sunny day after quite some time and he relished in the feeling of the warmth on his skin. As no one was sharing the side walk with him, he used the moment to stand still. He had turned his face towards the sun, held his shoulder bag loosely at his side with his right hand and had closed his eyes. It was wonderful to feel the rays again after such a long time of dull work and continued rain.

A sudden rustle yanked him out of his thoughts and he glanced around.

He hadn’t noticed that he had stopped beside the old, vacant house of the Milton Road. On his way to work and back he passed the building on a nearly daily basis, but he seldom ever deigned to look at it. On a lovely day like this it seemed even older and yes, even eerily gloomy. The bashed in or nailed up windows, half fallen off shutters and the scattered trash certainly contributed to it.

An uneasy feeling crept into his bones when he looked at the house. It was nearly as if the house was looking back at him. A cold shiver ran down his spine and he averted his gaze.
But out of the corner of his eyes he noticed movement.
Quickly he tried following it, but all he could see was an old yellowed curtain that swayed slowly back and forth behind a fissured window.
‘Only the wind’, he told himself, shook his head and continued on his way.
He wouldn’t let that old thing ruin his evening.

A few houses further his good mood had returned. He rejoiced at the sight of the pretty front gardens he passed, when he heard a rustle. He didn’t think anything about it and reckoned it to be the wind, who whirled up some leaves behind him.
Lost in his thoughts, he now heard fast steps coming from behind and he readied himself to be passed soon.
When after a while no one came he turned around.
The steps had gone silent and no one was behind him.
He frowned and wondered if his ears had played a trick on him or if the other person had already turned towards one of the house entrances.
Shouldn’t he have heard the door or at least the keys in that case?
He shook his head again to rid himself of those thoughts and continued.

He had only made a few steps, when he noticed the goose bumps on his arms. The sunlight still shone warm onto him, but he felt chillier, as if a cloud had slid before the sun.
He had stopped and stroked across his arms.
‘Strange’, he decided and wondered why he felt cold.
Suddenly he jumped up a little into the air as something icy touched his neck.
Panicked he turned around, but everything he saw was a single green leaf slowly gliding to the ground.
He laughed and returned on his way.

And again he heard steps.
‘No, this time I won’t turn around and will simply ignore it’, he decided stubbornly.
He still felt queasy.
He clutched his shoulder bag and quickened his pace.
It must have looked silly, how he now moved, but he didn’t care. It was certainly better than being constantly startled by his own imagination
‘It could also very well be that I’ve just remembered something important and I just want to hurry’, he tried to rationalize his own behavior.

Finally he reached the end of the road and was just about to turn into the next, as he made a decision.
He wasn’t a coward, so he would turn back one last time and take a look at the passerby that still walked behind him.
With a friendly smile on his face he turned around.
But there was no passerby.
The smile faded and was replaced by an expression of fright.
The scream got stuck in his throat.

The fear had petrified him, as the creature slowly floated towards him.
Black and nothing more than a shadow-rag it came closer and closer.
Sharp, bony, white claws formed slowly from the murky blotch and reached for him on equally dark arms.
An icy cold ran through his body, when the monstrosity had finally caught his shoulders.
In the middle of the shadow an even darker whole opened. It was only recognizable as such through the line of razor-sharp, white teeth around it.
The chasm opened wider and wider and soon had reached the whole height of the creature.
Now finally the scream escaped him, but it was too late.
While the echo trailed off into the road, the beast had already engulfed him.
Solely his shoulder back remained lonely and abandoned on the crossroad.

Not far away a curtain was closed again.
Everyone here knew what happened if you lingered too long near the old, vacant house, but no one dared talking about it.
Only behind closed doors and windows they warned their loved ones of the possible evil.
Foreigners, however, barely learned what lay ahead of them.
And now the monster of the Milton Road had claimed another clueless victim. It was a terrible feeling to be responsible for taking away the remains and there always were some, but this way they could live in safety from it for a couple of weeks.

Written by Faith P.

She stumbled into the field. Deep breaths of the cool night air freed her lungs from the trapped feeling. She lifted her face to the sharp, strong breeze. It blew against her face, striving in vain to dry the bitter tears, for they were quickly replenished.
“Why?” she screamed to the wind. “Why him?” she demanded of the forest, the trees, the grey sky.
She dropped defeated to her knees among the stiff grasses. Wavy hair fell across her shoulder to hide her face. Her entire being trembled in a fit of heartbroken sobs.

Don't you just love all of the different writing styles that are to be found out there? Everyone is unique in their style, but it can take a while to develop your own voice.

Hope you enjoyed taking a look at some other writers. Thank you to each author who submitted their writing!


  1. Oh, wow. These stories and poems were great! Love seeing stuff like this on blogs.

    1. Don't you? It's really nice to see blogs sharing the works of others, and I'm so happy to finally be able to do that as well here. :) Glad you enjoyed these!

  2. I absolutely love Zelus' poem - it is so creative and humorous!

    Also, thank you, Eve for publishing mine!

    TheDonkeyInvasion - A Bookish Blog!

    1. Of course, Hannah! You're welcome. Thank you for submitting your wonderful piece. :) And I agree - Zelus' poem makes me smile every time!

  3. I like that first poem. Pretty good!! :)

    1. I thought the word choice in that one was excellent! :) And I love the alliteration.

  4. Thank you for doing this Eve. I had such fun!! :D Great job all!

    1. You're so welcome! Thanks for participating. I'm glad you had fun with it. :) I loved reading all of the different submissions. You wrote a great little piece!

  5. Thank you so much Eve for sharing my work. :)


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